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April 29, 2018

I wanted to make a collection of my favourite modelling photos from past work. This may be a long post however I wanted to sum up some proud moments for me! Enjoy... 


 Spite Campaign, 2016, Mexico City. This has popped up in so many places. Barbados, Mexico City, Spain, Budapest and more. This is one of my favourite photos ever! The tattoos took over 8 hours and are all hand drawn with sharpies by professional tattoo artists. The actual shoot took 3 minutes in the pouring rain, outside, on a busy street in MX city. We got the photo and wrapped the 26 hour work day. #rfrshbeauty. 

 Kena Magazine, 2015, Mexico City. This was shot in the outskirts of Mexico City. The editorial was called "Here comes the sun" because of my name. I felt so beautiful and natural in these shots. 

 Tattoo Style, Mexico City, 2016. This company was extremely fun to work with. A big part of modelling is the relationships you create with clients. I have shot multiple lookbooks and campaigns for this company purely because we got along so well!

 California Crown, 2015, Calgary. California Crown is a company that reached out to me many moons ago. These photos are super close to my heart. They are based out of where I'm from! I will always have mad respect for California Crown. 

 Maxim Mexico Cover Story, 2016, Mexico City. Shot with Marc Crosas. I was thrilled when I found out I was booked for this job. I went to the casting last minute. It was a cattle call and I honestly never thought I would bag this one. Going in to the casting room I tripped on the stair... No joke, and all the casting directors just stared blankly at me. I laughed and followed it with "Wow, there is a step there be careful". Still nothing, I was asked for a few pictures and my comp card and was sent on my way. Next day I was confirmed. Wildest dream came true. The following year the photos were featured in the USA Maxim August issue. Total dream.

Wildhorse Salon, 2015, Calgary. This was one of my first big jobs. It was on billboards all around Calgary. I am insanely proud of this and it will always be my OG modelling picture. I remember it being my first ever casting. I was so nervous, having to stand in front of casting directors and pose and take photos.

Parts + Labour Launch Edit, 2016, Calgary. This shoot was so badass backed by badass babes. Jennifer Mehalko is an amazing women with an amazing clothing line. Please check Parts + Labour out. 

Marisa P. Clark Lookbook, 2017, Los Angeles. I flew out to LA for Marisa's lookbook and runway show! Not only did I get an amazing opportunity but I gained a friendship. I am so thankful to have her in my life! Shot by @haldanemorrisphoto.

 Kate Hewko, 2017, Calgary. SUCH a fun team! I had a blast shooting this. And look how cute this jacket is. It was a late night shot in her store over looking 17th ave. It was a dream shoot with gorgeous clothing. 

 Anneke Forbes, 2017, Calgary. Again, a wonderful team. Anneke is extremely talented and such a lovely human. I can not express how great it was to work with her! To top it all off, her moto jackets fit like a glove and are so, so, so cute!


There it is! Some of my favourite jobs over the past few years with modelling. 


*For any booking information please contact Antonija- info@thenoblesmgmt. #TheNobles.


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